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ARPAS provides for:
Recognition of expertise
-  Continuing professional development
-  Ethical standards
-  Increased public confidence

ARPAS value to users of 
-  advisors
-  products
-  animal care
-  nutrition
-  health


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Monday, January 16, 2017
 Requirements for Registration
Associate Membership
  • B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. in one of the Animal Sciences or a closely related field.
  • Fulfill all requirements set forth by the Governing Council.
  • Successfully complete a written examination in one or more of the animal industry specialization's (see application form).

Full Membership

  • Meet all requirements for Associate Membership, plus relevant professional experience: B.S. plus four years, M.S. plus two years, Ph.D. plus one year.
  • Applicants meeting all requirements may apply directly for Full Membership.
  • Associate Members will be promoted to Full Membership after gaining the required experience and Continuing Education Units (see below).

RAS/RAPS Associate and Full Memberships

  • There are no formal educational requirements for an Associate or Full Membership; however, applicants shall successfully complete a written examination prescribed by the Examining Board and successfully fulfill all requirements set forth by the Governing Council. An Associate Member must have a minimum of two years in their respective fields and be recommended for membership by a Professional Animal Scientist (PAS). Full memberships also require the examination and recommendation as well as six years of experience in the respective field (four years beyond an Associate member).
 Procedure for Application
  • Send completed application forms, transcripts, and a check for the appropriate annual dues to the ARPAS Business Office.
  • Upon approval by the Examining Board, arrangements for the examination will be made. (To accommodate group examinations at meetings and conferences, the examination may be taken before all application materials are supplied).
 Maintenance of Registration
  • Sixteen (16) Continuing Education Units (CEU's) are required each year, for all members (Associate or Full). Up to 16 hours may be carried to the following year.
  • One CEU equals one hour of participation in an approved educational event (i.e., meeting, conference, school).
  • CEU's are reported annual on the CEU reporting form.
  • The ARPAS Examining Board provides a list of events and types of events which qualify for CEU's.
 Board Certification
Board Certification is available to Full PAS Members of ARPAS who want to enhance their credentials or certification. Board Certification in a discipline is the highest level of certification awarded by ARPAS and is available to members of ARPAS who have attained a minimum of an M.S. degree in the appropriate discipline. Board Certification is administered by the American College of Animal Sciences and is available in:
  • Animal Behavior
  • Animal Food Science
  • Animal Genetics
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Animal Physiology
  • Animal Welfare Science
  • Other disciplines as approved by the Governing Council

Additional information and application form are available from the ARPAS Business Office.







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