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Featured Member

Haley Johnson

Haley Johnson is a PhD candidate at the University of Minnesota focusing on ruminant nutrition with emphasis on feedlot cattle. Her thesis research centers on the effects of manipulating growth and fermentation patterns on nutrient availability and performance of feedlot cattle. The rumen fermentation portion of her thesis focuses on the impact of ruminal parameters on the transformation and flow of fatty acids through the rumen. Her research on the effects of including distillers grains with solubles and soy glycerin in beef cattle finishing diets on ruminal fermentation was recently highlighted at the 78th Annual Minnesota Nutrition Conference, where she placed second in the graduate student poster competition sponsored by ARPAS.

In addition to working on her PhD, Haley has also accepted a position as a research scientist for Cargill Animal Nutrition within their Global Strategic Marketing and Technology team. Within her current role in Cargill Animal Nutrition, she generates research-based information that contributes to equipping Cargill’s consultants and technology deployment managers with further knowledge on industry-relevant rumen fermentation topics. This information is leading to deployment of dynamic feeding strategies and product development. As a professional animal scientist, her primary career goal and objective is to translate intricate science describing ruminal and animal function into appropriate on-farm or site applications for the benefit of the industry.

Haley is originally from southeast Minnesota, where she was exposed to the cattle industry growing up through her grandparents’ cow-calf operation. This exposure to the industry fueled her passion to pursue a degree in animal science. She received her bachelor’s degree in animal science with summa cum laude honors from the University of Minnesota. As an undergraduate, Haley worked as a research assistant and received multiple grants, and also completed additional research for an undergraduate honors thesis. Haley says it is the time she spent as an undergrad in the lab that inspired her to continue on for her PhD in the fall of 2014. It was as she began her PhD program that she became increasingly passionate about giving back to the industry with her career direction. In an effort to connect her own research to industry professionals, Haley sought opportunities to network with industry professionals and share her research with those with the capabilities to apply them. This led her to present her findings at the Minnesota Nutrition Conference, where she became a member of ARPAS.

In the future, Haley hopes to be able to continue to inspire students and industry professionals alike through her research and involvement in groups like ARPAS.

ARPAS 2018 Election Results

ARPAS President-Elect:
Alois Kertz

Southern Regional Director:
Daniel Rivera

Midwest Regional Director:
Dwight Roseler

ACAS President-Elect:
William Seymour

ACAS Secretary- Treasurer:
Ron Lemenager

New Members

Jessica H. Morton
Southern States Cooperative
Catonsville, MD

Victoria A. Lockwood
Southern States Cooperative
Boyce, VA

Gwinyai E. Chibisa
University of Idaho
Moscow, ID

Anne H. Laarman
University of Idaho
Moscow, ID

Megan Carey
Insight FS
Watertown, WI

Graduate Student:
Lauren M. Mayo
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO


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Feeding Quality Forum
August 28–29, 2018 • Sioux City, IA
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Midwest Swine Nutrition Conference
September 6, 2018 • Indianapolis IN
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2018 AFIA Liquid Feed Symposium
September 11–13, 2018 • San Diego, CA
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Arkansas Nutrition Conference
September 11–13, 2018 • Rogers, AR
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California Net Energy System, 50th Anniversary Symposium
September 12–14, 2018 • Davis, California
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Quarterly Newsletter

Sunday, April 01, 2018

President's Letter

John Bernard

Spring has arrived, and everyone is preparing for another growing season. ARPAS is also examining how to maintain growth. Current membership in ARPAS is 1,418, which includes 63 graduate students. One change that your Executive Committee will recommend is the addition of a graduate student representative to the Governing Council. This is being recommended to bring another perspective and fresh ideas for the Governing Council to consider as we look at how we best serve the next generation of professional animal scientists. Details on how to nominate a graduate student will be available in the near future, so be thinking about someone you might nominate!

Sunday, April 01, 2018

ACAS Board Certification Update

W. Randy Walker, PhD, PAS, Dipl. ACAN, ACAS President

The new year is upon us, and the groundhog says spring should be arriving any day now. As signs of spring begin to appear, such as new leaves on the trees, greener grass, all of the planting activity, and, of course, the opening day of baseball, we are reminded that spring is a time of renewal. This also applies to ACAS as we renew our efforts to remind ARPAS members who are not yet board certified of all the benefit and value of achieving the highest level of certification available in ARPAS.

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Looking Forward 1: The ARPAS Journal, Readers

Dave Beede, Editor-in-Chief

About 25% of the ARPAS membership (n = 421 respondents) answered the recent ARPAS 2018 journal name-change survey and questionnaire providing valuable information. The ARPAS editorial team met by conference call April 9 to discuss the input. Here I summarize some of the key responses from members and readers. I have also added some comments to update you on several forward-looking efforts happening with The Professional Animal Scientist (PAS).


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