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ARPAS Members: 2019 Affiliated Society Recognitions

Congratulations to the following ARPAS members for the recognitions they received from their scientific societies this past year:

American Society of Animal Science

  • Dr. Jerry Spears of North Carolina State University (retired) received the FASS-AFIA New Frontiers in Animal Nutrition Award
  • Dr. Beth Kegley of the University of Arkansas became President of ASAS
  • Dr. Glenn Duff of New Mexico State University was elected President-elect of ASAS
  • Dr. Andy Cole of USDA-ARS-Bushland, TX (retired) received the Distinguished Service Award from the Western Section of ASAS
  • Dr. Mike Looper of the University of Arkansas was named a Fellow of ASAS
  • Dr. Jack Whittier of the University of Nebraska was named a Fellow of ASAS
  • Dr. K. C. Olson of Kansas State University received the Animal Management Award
  • Dr. Merlin Lindemann of the University of Kentucky received the Animal Industry Innovation Award
  • Dr. Hans Stein of the University of Illinois received the Extension Award
  • Dr. Terry Engle of Colorado State University received the Cromwell Award for Minerals Research.
  • Dr. Robert Coleman of the University of Kentucky received the Distinguished Teacher Award.
  • Dr. Elizabeth "Betsy" Greene of University of Arizona received the Western Section Extension Award.

American Dairy Science Association

  • Dr. Rich Erdman of the University of Maryland was elected Vice President of ADSA
  • Dr. Al Kertz was named a Fellow of ADSA
  • Dr. A. J. Heinrichs of Penn State University was named a Fellow of ADSA

American Meat Science Association

  • Dr. Surendranath Suman of the University of Kentucky was recognized as the 2019 AMSA International Lectureship Award Winner

Equine Science Society

  • Dr. Jessica L. Leatherwood of Texas A&M University received the 2019 Josie Coverdale Award for Outstanding Young Professionals
  • Dr. Shannon E. Pratt-Phillips of North Carolina State University received the 2019 Equine Science Society and American Society of Animal Science – Equine Science Award
  • Dr. Brian Nielsen of Michigan State University was named a fellow of ESS
  • Dr. Kathleen Anderson of University of Nebraska was named a fellow of ESS
  • Dr. Elizabeth “Betsy” Greene of University of Arizona was named a fellow of ESS

Poultry Science Association

  • Dr. Donald R. McIntyre of Diamond V (retired) became President of PSA

Congratulations to all the award winners!

Please let us know if we missed any ARPAS members who won awards this year.

ARPAS 2019 Election Results

ARPAS President-Elect:
Daryl Kleinschmit

Northeast Regional Director:
Tom Hickley

ACAS President-Elect:
Jim Chapman

ACAS Secretary- Treasurer:
Ron Lemenager


Upcoming Events

2019 AALAS National Meeting
October 13–17, 2019 • Denver, CO
Sponsored by American Association of Laboratory Animal Science
21 possible CEUs
NIAA 9th Annual Antibiotic Symposium: Communicating the Science of Responsible Antibiotic Use in Animal Agriculture
October 15–17, 2019 • Ames, IA
Sponsored by National Institute for Animal Agriculture
10 possible CEUs
2019 ARPAS California Continuing Education Conference: Feeding Dairy Cattle 2020 and Beyond
October 16–17, 2019 • Coalinga, CA
Sponsored by ARPAS California Chapter
8 possible CEUs
2019 Cornell Nutrition Conference
October 22–24, 2019 • East Syracuse, NY
Sponsored by Cornell University
16 possible CEUs
2019 CHA International Conference
October 24–27, 2019 • Houghton, New York
Sponsored by Certified Horsemanship Association
8 possible CEUs
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Quarterly Newsletter

Monday, April 29, 2019

President’s Letter

N. Andy Cole, PhD, PAS, ACAN

Members of the Governing Council and the Executive Committee of ARPAS have been busy the past few months taking on a number of issues and challenges.

The item that has occupied most of our time is our publishing agreement with Elsevier. We are starting the fourth year of our agreement with Elsevier to publish Applied Animal Science.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Executive Vice President Comments

Kenneth Cummings, PAS, Dipl. ACAN, Exec. VP, ARPAS

Reporting Continuing Education Units (CEU)
Reporting of continuing education units (CEUs) is made simple through the ARPAS website. Just log on to and click on "Submit CEUs." Not only is your CEU record instantly updated when you enter your meetings online, but the system also keeps a convenient submission history in case you wish to check your past entries. What if you do not see a meeting you want to report on the approved list? No problem! You can submit any meeting to be approved and posted on the list before you enter it online. Remember, 16 CEUs are required each year to maintain your registration, and up to 16 CEUs can be carried over to the following year.

Monday, April 29, 2019

NEW: Applied Animal Science, Volume 35 (2019) Available for Your Consumption

Dave Beede, PhD, Editor-in-Chief of AAS, PAS, Dipl. ACAN

The February and April issues of Applied Animal Science (AAS) (, volume 35, are online and ready for your consumption!

It is hoped that the name change to Applied Animal Science from The Professional Animal Scientist will attract new and more authors from the global animal science community and serve a broader spectrum of readers in the ever-changing landscape of animal science and production systems. Additionally, with the name change, notable changes were made to the Policies and Instructions for Authors ( Key changes include new Science and Application categories to help define the scope and table of contents of the journal, use of a new structured abstract format to give busy ARPAS readers a succinct encapsulation of each article, and the “Applications” section to summarize and emphasize how the information can be applied in animal production and science.


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