ARPAS Online Exams

remotely proctored with Zoom

In light of summer meeting cancellations and social distancing protocols, ARPAS is now offering remotely proctored online exams.

*The ARPAS Foundation pays exam fees for graduate students taking the ARPAS exam for the first time.


ARPAS Online Exams Sessions will be offered monthly

The following sessions are pre-scheduled and already have proctors assigned. To inquire about setting up a different date/time for an individual exam session, email

Space is limited.

  • Thursday, May 2, 2024 @ 4:00 pm EDT (US)

Apply for ARPAS Online Exam

  1. Complete the ARPAS application. If you are retaking an exam or have submitted an ARPAS application in the past, please contact the ARPAS business office for next steps.
  2. Submit exam fee(s).
    1. There is a $25 exam fee per species exam.
      1. The ARPAS Foundation pays the first exam fee for graduate students.
    2. Only one exam is administered per participant per online exam session.
    3. There is a 30-day waiting period before you can retake a failed exam, and an additional exam fee will be required for the new exam.
  3. Submit a valid photo ID.
    1. To upload a photo ID, go to the Upload Documents link on the Member Dashboard of the ARPAS Portal and select ARPAS Exam Photo ID as the Document Type.
      *Photo IDs will only be used to verify applicant identity during online exam sessions.

After the application, fee(s), and photo ID are received and reviewed by the ARPAS business office, the ARPAS administrator will contact you via email to schedule your online exam.

Exam Session Requirements

  • You must register at least THREE days prior to the exam session.
  • Taking the exam requires the use of two devices. Please ensure both devices are connected to the Internet and functioning properly prior to the exam session.
    • Device 1: A device such as a laptop or desktop computer will be needed to display the exam website. If the device has multiple screens, the additional screens must be turned off during the exam session.
    • Device 2: A device such as a smartphone or tablet will be needed for the exam proctoring session via Zoom.
      • The proctor may request that the applicant show the applicant’s workspace. Device 2 should then be set up so that the applicant’s workspace and the monitor of device 1 are in clear view.
  • The online testing environment should mimic a standard proctored testing environment and is required to conform to the following:
    • A quiet, secure, fully lighted room is required.
    • No other people can be in the room.
    • No communication with anyone is allowed, with the exception of contact with support staff if an emergency occurs.
    • Cell phones cannot be used for any purpose other than the proctoring session.
    • You cannot leave the room.
    • The desktop or tabletop should only contain the computer and external cameras—remove all books, papers, notebooks, or other materials.
    • Device 2 should be placed where it will have a constant, uninterrupted view of the test taker.
    • The desk or walls shall contain no writing.
    • No music should be playing.
    • No additional monitors or computers can be running in the workspace.
    • No headphones or ear buds are allowed.
    • Accessing materials within other computer applications, such as browser searches on the web, is not allowed.
  • One piece of scratch paper is allowed. The paper is required to be blank, and this will be verified prior to the start of the exam.
  • Enter the Zoom session at least 5 minutes prior to the exam start time to troubleshoot and authenticate.
    • Exam sessions are 2 hours from the exam start time.
  • All ARPAS Zoom exam sessions may be monitored and recorded for record keeping, training, and quality-assurance purposes.
  • All applicants are expected to adhere to the ARPAS Code of Ethics during the online examination process. Any attempts at misconduct, including but not limited to accessing or attempting to access any prohibited aids, or digitally recording any portion of the ARPAS exam, will lead to ARPAS membership ineligibility.