PAS HQI Nomination Form

Nominate a highly qualified individual for ARPAS membership

Individuals who qualify for PAS Full Membership, and who are widely recognized for research, extension, teaching, or accomplishments in the animal science field, may qualify without examination based on credentials and experience.

To be eligible for HQI, the candidate must have 5 years of experience beyond a PhD or DVM, 10 years of experience beyond the MS degree, or 15 years of experience beyond a postbaccalaureate, post-secondary, or professional degree from an approved institution.

An eligible HQI candidate must be nominated by a current PAS member in good standing. Two letters of nomination and recommendation from PAS members in good standing are required for PAS certification via the HQI route.
*The nominator will provide one of the letters directly to the applicant.
**After submission of this nomination form, the candidate will receive an email of application instructions. The candidate will upload the letters of nomination/recommendation directly in their application form.

For each HQI application, the Membership Committee shall determine any additional application requirements that must be met before the application will be approved for Registry membership.

An application fee will be required for each species specialization where certification is desired.

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