Dairy Cattle Study Materials

Books / Handbooks

NRC. 2001. Nutrient Requirements for Dairy Cattle, 8th edition, National Academy Press, Washington, DC.

Booklets available from Hoard’s Dairyman (www.hoards.com)

2008 Feeding Guide, by Mike Hutjens, 3rd edition, 87 pages.

Successful Feeding Systems for Dairy, by Mike Hutjens, 56 pages.

Dairy Cattle Fertility and Sterility

Calf Care

Forage Management for Dairy

Caring for Transition Cows

Less Mastitis, Better Milk


(It is suggested that individuals check several websites to see which best fits specific needs for review.)

eXtension Website

Selected University Extension Websites
(You also may want to check the dairy extension website in your home state.)

Pennsylvania State University

Cornell University

University of Minnesota

Oklahoma State University

Michigan State University

University of Florida

University of Kentucky