Horse Study Materials

Books / Handbooks

Horses: A Guide to Selection, Care and Enjoyment by J. Warren Evans, 3rd edition, 2001, Henry Holt and Co., New York.

The Horse by J. W. Evans, A. Borton, H. Hintz, and L. D. Van Vleck, 2nd edition, 1990, W.H. Freeman, New York.

Equine Science by Rick Parker, 3rd edition, 2007, Thomson Delmar Learning, Clifton Park, NY.

The Care and Feeding of the Horse by Lon D. Lewis, 1996, Lippincott, Williams, and Wilkins, Media, PA.

Equine Clinical Nutrition by Lon D. Lewis, 1995, Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore.

NRC. 2007. Nutrient Requirements for Horses, 6th edition, National Academy Press, Washington, DC.

Complete Guide for Horse Business Success by Janet E. English, 2nd edition, 2003, Scholargy Custom Publishing, Tempe, AZ.

Manual of Equine Reproduction, by T. L. Blanchard, D. D. Varner, J. Schumacher, C. C. Love, S. P. Brinsko, and S. L. Rigby, 2nd edition, 2003, Mosby Publishers, Philadelphia

The University of California, Davis Book of Horses: A Complete Medical Reference for Horses and Foals. By Mordecai Seigal, Ed., 1996, Harper Collins Publishers, New York.

Horse Genetics by A. T. Bowling, 1996, CAB International, Wallingford, Oxon, U.K.

Equine Color genetics by D. P. Sponenberg, 2nd edition, 2003, Iowa State Press, Ames, IA

Horse Behavior by George Waring, 2nd edition, 2002, Noyes Publications/William Andrew Publishing, Norwich, NY.

Equine Behavior - a guide for Veterinarians and Equine Scientists by Paul McGreevy, 2004, Saunders, New York.


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