Swine Study Materials

Books / Handbooks

Pork Production Systems by Wilson G. Pond, Jerome H. Maner, and Dewey L. Harris, 1991, Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York.

Swine Science by Palmer J. Holden and M.E. Ensminger, 2006, Seventh Edition, Pearson Prentice Hall, New Jersey.

The Growing and Finishing Pig: Improving Efficiency by Peter English, Vernon Fowler, Seaton Baxter, and Bill Smith, 1988, Farming Press, Ipswich, UK

Nontraditional Feed Sources for Use in Swine Production by P.A. Thacker and R.N. Kirkwood, 1990, Butterworths, Massachusetts.

Swine Nutrition by Austin J. Lewis and L. Lee Southern, 2001, Second Edition, CRC Press, Florida.

The Sow-Improving Her Efficiency by Peter English, William Smith, and Alastair Maclean, 1979, Farming Press, Ipswich, UK

The US Pork Sector: Changing Structure and Organization by Marvin Hayenga, V. James Rhodes, Jon A. Brandt, and Ronald E. Deiter, 1985, ISU Press, Iowa.

Reproduction in the Pig by Paul Hughes and Mike Varley,1980, Butterworths, Massachusetts.

The Hog Disease Book by M.S. Cover, 1972, Ralston Purina Company.

Control of Pig Reproduction by D.J.A. Cole and G.R. Foxcroft, 1982, Butterworths, Massachusetts.

Pathology of the Pig: A Diagnostic Guide by L.D. Sims and J.R.W. Glastonbury, 1996, The Pig Research and Development Corporation, Australia.

NRC. 1998. Nutrient Requirements for Swine, Tenth Edition, National Academy Press, Washington, DC.


The Pork Information Gateway Free on-line access for pork producers of all ages containing fact sheets, "how-to's, questions and answers from pork producers, and downloadable references

http://www.pork.org The official website of the National Pork Board containing lots of current facts and information about pork and swine production

www.pork.org/documents/swinecarehandbook.pdf The Swine Care Handbook provides pork producers with the latest information available on swine care practices that are recommended for safe, humane, and efficient pork production.

Selected University Extension Websites
(You also may want to check the animal science extension website in your home state.)

Iowa State University/ Iowa Pork Industry Center

Kansas State University

University of Illinois

University of Minnesota

Oklahoma State University