ACAS Board Certification

Board Certification is available to Full PAS Members of ARPAS who want to enhance their credentials or certification. Board Certification in a discipline is the highest level of certification awarded by ARPAS and is available to members of ARPAS who have attained a minimum of an M.S. degree in the appropriate discipline.  The American College of Animal Sciences (ACAS) provides for qualified ARPAS members to become board certified in one of five specific discipline colleges of animal science.

College Establishment

The ARPAS Governing Council approved the establishment of a Certification process in December 1995. The first disciplinary Colleges established were Animal Behavior, Animal Food Science, Animal Genetics, Animal Nutrition, and Animal Physiology. Once certified, you earn diplomate status in the specific discipline college.

The American College of Animal Sciences (ACAS) provides for qualified ARPAS members to become board certified in one of six specific discipline colleges of animal science.

Discipline Colleges of:

Applied Animal Behavior Sciences

To advance the level of professionalism and competence of those applying ethological and behavioral principles to the husbandry of animals.

Animal Food Science

To advance the level of professionals in the field which includes all aspects of knowledge relating to meat, poultry meat, milk, and eggs.

Animal Genetics

To advance the level of professionalism in all areas of animal genetics and increase the competence of those involved in application of genetics to animal industries.

Animal Nutrition

To enhance professionalism, expertise, and self-esteem of animal nutrition experts.

Animal Physiology

To advance professionalism and competence of animal physiologists through continuing education, promoting research, dissemination of knowledge and certification of expertise; and to enhance the integration of physiological principles into animal management systems.

Animal Welfare Science

To advance professionalism and expertise of those skilled in the multiple disciplines of applied ecology, applied ethology, applied nutritional science, applied physiology, preventive health care, and overall care, husbandry, and management of avian and mammalian animals kept to serve a variety of human purposes.

Once certified, Diplomates will be authorized to affix letters to their name signifying Diplomate status, i.e., Diplomate ACAFS.

*There are additional requirements specific for each college. To find out about these requirements, or to apply for Certification, complete the certification form.

Benefits of Board Certification:

  • Highest level of certification for your discipline.
  • Increased professional stature and credibility.
  • Verification and certification of expertise in a specific discipline of animal science.
  • Stronger credentials for promotion and advancement.
  • More competitive in obtaining clients or job opportunities.
  • The Diplomate honorific adds visibility to your credentials and expertise.

General Requirements

  • M.S. or Ph.D. in the relevant discipline. 
  • Be a Full PAS certified member of ARPAS in good standing and one of its affiliated societies.
  • Successfully pass a Diplomate Certification Examination given by the College. The Diplomate Certification Examination may be taken 1 year after a candidate has received a Ph.D. degree or 4 years after receiving a M.S. degree.
  • Faculty members in the Animal Sciences may qualify based on credentials and experience

Procedures for Board Certification

ACAS Constitution and Bylaws