NRCS Technical Provider Program

ARPAS and NRCS have established a Memorandum of Understanding that provides an opportunity for ARPAS members who have obtained the ARPAS Feed Management Certification to become Technical Service Providers for NRCS programs in the category of Feed Management. ARPAS will maintain a registry with NRCS of ARPAS members who have completed and maintain their ARPAS Certification in Feed Management.

To gain final approval by NRCS, each person will need to complete a Technical Service Agreement with NRCS through the NRCS TechReg website. There are step-by-step instructions available on the website to help with the process. If you have questions about the NRCS TSP registration process, contact the NRCS Coordinator for your state. A list of the State Coordinators is provided on the TechReg homepage.

If you have any questions, please contact Kenneth Cummings (, Randy Shaver ( or Brittany Morstatter (