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Call for submissions: Cotton byproduct research

Researchers, consultants, practitioners, educators in the animal sciences, and anyone working in any facet of animal science and agriculture are invited to submit manuscripts on the use of cotton byproducts in beef cattle production systems. The purpose of the article series is to improve understanding on the use of cotton byproducts in beef diets and provide updated research on this topic for application by the scientific community, industry, and producers.

The journal provides peer-reviewed, science-based information on applied animal science and production systems for all domestic animals that serve humankind.

Science and Application categories: Extension and Teaching, Forages and Feeds, Genetics, Health, Production and Management, Nutrition, Physiology, Sustainability and Integrated Systems

Articles Types: The journal is soliciting original research articles on cotton byproduct use in beef cattle systems. Original Research articles report and interpret unpublished research with animals or plants grown for feed and forage, economic analyses, research station or field studies, scientific literature-based meta-analyses, or a combination thereof. The majority of articles in Applied Animal Science (AAS) are original research articles.

The journal requests manuscript submissions by April 1, 2022, for consideration as part of the cotton byproduct issue series.


Instructions for Authors are online: Our submission site is here: Authors who need assistance with using this system should contact Shauna Miller, editorial administrative assistant ( 

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Read interviews with high impact Early Career Researchers

Agustin Ríus
Associate Professor
UT Institute of Agriculture
University of Tennessee, USA

Bo Harstine
Director of Research
Select Sires Inc., USA

Courtney Daigle
Assistant Professor
Department of Animal Science
Texas A&M University, USA

Reviewer Appreciation for 2021

Sincere thanks to all reviewers for their time and expertise in evaluating manuscripts in 2021. The authors, editors, and readers of Applied Animal Science appreciate your service to the journal.

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