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Published on Wednesday, August 1, 2012

American College of Animal Sciences (ACAS) Report

Jack E. Garrett Jr., PhD, PAS, Dipl. ACAS, ACAS Past President

The American College of Animal Sciences (ACAS) entered its fifth year with continuing emphasis on membership growth. 

Current ACAS Officers and Board of Directors 
Randy Shaver, President; Jack Garrett, Past President; Richard Reynnells, President-Elect; Dale Hill, Secretary/Treasurer; Marit Arana, Director at Large and chair of Nutrition Discipline; Kenneth Cummings, Executive Vice President of ARPAS.

Major Accomplishments in 2011/2012 Year
The ACAS board acted to keep applications moving forward for membership. New applications must be completed within one year or the applicant will be dropped; current applications were given a 90-day notification to be completed. There are currently 13 applications in process in which we hope to have completed before the end of this year. There were eight new members added to ACAS this year (see below). 

Changing the membership in ARPAS prior to joining ACAS as a requirement was discussed, and it was decided by the ACAS board to retain the current exam requirements for ARPAS membership as a requirement for ACAS membership as it currently stands. 

Elections were held for the incoming President Elect, and Dr. Richard Reynnells was elected.

The six Disciplines and their Chairpersons include:
• Applied Animal Behavior Sciences - Dr. Jeff S. Pendergraft, Sul Ross State University
• Animal Food Science - Dr. Kenneth W. McMillin, Louisiana State University AgCenter
• Animal Genetics - Dr. D. H. Crews, Jr., Colorado State University
• Animal Nutrition - Dr. Marit J. Arana, A.L. Gilbert Company
• Animal Physiology - Dr. Jonathan Goodson, Evonik Degussa
• Animal Welfare Science - Geoffrey A.H. Cochrane, Russell Veterinary Services

Recognizing our newest Board Certified Members
The newest members to join through either route to board certification include:

Kayanush Aryana, Louisiana State University
John McGlone, Texas Tech University
Nar Gurung, Tuskegee University
Aaron Park, Kalmbach Feeds
Paul Davis, Tennessee Farmers Cooperative
Padmakumar Pillai, FDA Center for Vet Medicine
John Miller, Diamond V Mills
Carolyn Stull, University of California
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