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Published on Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Midwest Chapter

Dwight Roseler, PhD, PAS, Dipl. ACAN

The Midwest ARPAS Chapter is in its inaugural year for 2012. All current ARPAS member in the Midwest region received a complimentary membership to the Midwest ARPAS Chapter for 2012. 

ARPAS Midwest chapter sponsored Dr. Richard Sellars, AFIA vice-president on “The Impact of the Food Safety Modernization Act on Animal Science Professionals” at three important meetings: the Midwest Animal Science meeting in March, The Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference in April, and 4-State Nutrition Conference in June. ARPAS had a booth at these programs where several people took the ARPAS exam to become certified for ARPAS membership. 

A key benefit of being an ARPAS member is the networking of professionals and certification process offered by the organization. A recent survey of Midwest members indicated that they were primarily ruminant nutrition (75%) based with swine and poultry (25%) and other species (10%) as the interest. The Midwest ARPAS leadership has identified the need to encourage the national ARPAS organization to advertise and highlight the tangible benefits of an ARPAS certification. Many producers and livestock industry personnel are not aware of the ARPAS certification benefits and continuing education requirements.

New Midwest leadership will be appointed this October and if you are an ARPAS member in the Midwest, we ask for your support in being involved in the leadership and support roles for Midwest ARPAS. Contact a current ARPAS leadership team member if you are interested in Midwest ARPAS. Dwight Roseler, President; Ken Zanzalari, Secretary; Joanne Knapp, Ruminant Director; James Coomer, Ruminant Director; Chad Risley, Monogastric; Dale Hill, Monogastric. 
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