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Published on Friday, April 1, 2016

Update on The Professional Animal Scientist

Wayne Kellogg, Editor-in-Chief

The first two issues of the 32nd volume of The Professional Animal Scientist (PAS) contain eight review articles:

Design, Analysis, and Execution of Quality Grazing Research

  • Grazing management options in meeting objectives of grazing experiments
  • The roles of forage management, forage quality, and forage allowance in grazing research
  • Designing a grazing experiment that can reliably detect meaningful differences
  • Getting more information from your grazing research beyond cattle performance

Reproductive Efficiency of Beef Cows
  • Nutrition and management of cows: Supplementation and feed additives
  • Choosing a calving date
  • Use of ultrasonography to make reproductive management decisions
  • Advantages of current and future reproductive technologies for beef cattle production

These invited reviews (along with research articles, case studies, technical notes, and commentaries) offer applied technology for animal scientists and students. This has been a long-term goal for PAS, which is indexed in Scopus, CABI, and AGRICOLA, and caters to a wide and comprehensive audience.

Members of ARPAS have online access to all articles in PAS. The online archive has been extended to include all articles published since volume 1 in 1985. If you are like me, you may enjoy checking at to read the topics that were published in those early issues. For example, an article in the first issue was Relevance of Bypass Protein to Cattle Feeding by Terry Klopfenstein, Rick Stock, and Robert Britton. According to Google, that article has been cited 31 times. The following year (1986) William Chalupa and Paul L. Schneider authored Bovine Somatotropin: Physiology, Lactational Responses and Implications for the Dairy Industry. Also, Glen Lofgreen and Herman Kiesling wrote an article titled Energy Levels in Receiving Diets for Yearling Cattle. If you, or another member, has difficulty accessing the articles in previous issues, please contact Kelsey ( at the FASS office.

We continue to encourage submission of manuscripts. As in the past, we continue to use Manuscript Central ( for our peer-review system. Topics of papers that will be considered for publication include (but are not limited to) feed science, farm animal management and production, dairy science, meat science, animal nutrition, reproduction, animal physiology and behavior, disease control and prevention, microbiology, agricultural economics, and environmental issues related to agriculture. Themed special issues may also be considered for publication.

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