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Published on Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Randy Shaver, PhD, PAS, Dipl. ACAS-Animal Nutrition

It is a pleasure to serve as your president. My term is quickly nearing the halfway point, so it is time for a brief update. 

Marit Arana, our past president, is chairing a Strategic Planning Committee composed of Ken Cummings, Bill Braman, Andy Cole, Keith Lusby, Jeff DeFrain, and myself. Arana is leading the committee’s development of an online survey of the ARPAS membership. Early next year, you will receive information about the survey. Please take some time to thoughtfully complete the survey questionnaire—we value your input and need it to make the planning process worthwhile for the organization and continue the success of ARPAS into the future!

Darrell Johnson, our past-past president, is chairing a Foundation Committee composed of Ken Cummings, Bill Braman, Andy Cole, Carl Hunt, Moe Bakke, Dana Tomlinson, Marit Arana, and myself. Johnson is leading the committee’s development of bylaws, fund-use guidelines, and fund-raising ideas for the recently established ARPAS Foundation.

President-Elect Bill Braman and his Program Committee have been coordinating topics and speakers for the Annual Symposium at the 2010 Joint Annual Meeting in Denver.

Just a reminder, check out the updated ARPAS Web site ( for online CEU submission and a listing of conferences that have been preapproved by ARPAS for CEUs. The Governing Council will hold our annual midyear conference call in January to discuss the ongoing activities of the organization and to begin our look forward to Denver in July. 

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your president! Please let me know of any ideas that emerge or suggestions that you might have. I can be reached by phone at (608) 263-3491 or by e-mail at 
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