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Published on Saturday, April 1, 2017

2017 Election Announcements

Voting opens May 1 for the 2017 election.

The 2017 ARPAS elections will open May 1, 2017. An email notification will be sent to all members with information about the 2017 nominees and how to cast a vote.

The year’s nominees are as follows:


ARPAS Nominations

ARPAS President-Elect

Noel Andy Cole

James K. Tully

ARPAS Secretary

Lawrence Dwain Bunting

M. J.  Bakke

ARPAS Western Director

Heidi  A.  Rossow

ACAS Nominations

President-Elect of ACAS

Patrick French

David Casper

Secretary-Treasurer of ACAS

Jim Chapman

Luis Solorzano

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