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Published on Friday, December 1, 2017

California Chapter

Jim Tully

Continuing Education Conference: October 2017
Chew on this—Another look at fiber
The calendar year and our chapter year are winding down. Our yearly Continuing Education Conference gave our members an in-depth review of fiber. Chemistry, functionality, and utilization of fiber were covered. Attendance was fantastic. We have a meeting policy whereby vendors are asked to avoid using the meeting as an opportunity to make sales presentations. This year this request was well heeded. Thank you to the many vendors/sponsors for making this meeting a success. 

Each year the California-ARPAS group awards scholarships to students that present a preview or completed thesis project. This October at the annual continuing education meeting, the recipients were 
(left to right) Ashley Niesen, Yuki Okatsu, Maia Laabs, Hannah Gautier, and Morgan Wukadinovich.

All papers were submitted, reviewed by an ARPAS education committee, and then presenters were interviewed.

The state and national ARPAS congratulate these students from the University of California–Davis.

The 2017 Continuing Education Conference was in follow-up to the very successful Discover Conference held in September: Integrated Solutions to Fiber Challenges. We invited a few of the speakers from the Discover Conference to our Continuing Education Conference where they had the opportunity to expand on the topics covered in Chicago. 

Bang-4-Your-Buck: August 2017
We held our major fundraising event at the Kingsburg Gun Club in August. This year’s event was fun, well attended, and a financial success, just like in years past. Once again we want to mention that Andy Riordan contributed countless hours to this event. He has repeatedly asked to step away from such an active role in the event, and WE keep ignoring his requests. 

Officers 2017–2018
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John Martin

Peter Williams

Kevin Leahy 

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Steve Riesenbeck

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