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Published on Sunday, April 1, 2018

ARPAS 2018 First-Quarter Treasurer’s Report

Dana Tomlinson

ARPAS 2018 First-Quarter Treasurer’s Report

Dana J. Tomlinson, PhD, PAS, Dipl. ACAN

National ARPAS has started 2018 well with revenue generation in line with expectations. Through the first two months of the year, we are sitting with 49% of our revenue and support budgeted position. Fortunately, the bulk of our membership dues are collected early in the year; however, membership activity could be stronger. We always have room for new members and encourage everyone to share the value of ARPAS with their colleagues and any students with whom they interact.

Interest in the ARPAS journal seems positive with income from page charges running ahead of budget through the end of February. Interestingly, printed journal revenue has increased and may reflect members with limited access to the internet.

We started the year with growth of our savings and investments only to give back most of our gains in February. Fortunately, we enjoy an experienced financial advisor and have made fund adjustments that should minimize our losses and insure long-term growth.

Our expenses are well under control; we have incurred 11% of estimated yearly costs with 17% of the year complete.

I ask the ARPAS Governing Council to accept this report as submitted.

Kind regards,

Dana J. Tomlinson, PAS, Dipl. ACAN
Research Nutritionist
Zinpro Performance Minerals

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