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Published on Wednesday, August 1, 2018

ARPAS California Chapter Update

Jim Tully

On May 2nd we held our annual Spring Meeting on the first morning of the California Animal Nutrition Conference.  Funds are available for increasing scholarships above the 3 graduate and 3 to 5 undergraduate scholarships ($2,000 and $1,000 each respectively).  CA ARPAS are heavily involved in a Research project looking at the feeding value of almond hulls, including further work looking at contamination levels.  These are a very important feed for the California dairy industry.  The research group involves university academics, students and industry members working with the Almond Hull Board.  A wonderful example of how ARPAS membership brings together opportunities to collaborate across this wide spectrum.  On August 23rd we shall hold our annual Bang for Your Buck trap shoot – our major fund raiser of the year.  October 24th and 25th is our annual Continuing Education Conference – “Developments for California Animal Production Systems Over the Next 5 to 10 Years”.  This will cover technologies and challenges that will impact us including: Air Quality Legislation, Feed Enzymes – while monogastric enzymes are widely accepted, ruminant products are developing rapidly, Robotic Milking Machines, Plant Extracts/Essential Oils, The Microbiome – Improving Production and Controlling Disease, Transition Cows – Past, Present and Future.  It should be a very interesting couple of days.


Past President – John Martin

President – Peter Williams

President-Elect – Kevin Leahy

Secretary – Renee Smith

Treasurer – Dave Ellis

Director at Large – Gabriella Acetoze

Director at Large – Steve Riesenbeck

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