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Published on Monday, April 29, 2019

Chapter Reports and Activities

Southern Chapter

Daniel Rivera

Brandi Karisch will be assuming the role of president of the Southern Chapter.

The symposium took the place of the annual meeting this year at the Southern ASAS meetings in Oklahoma City. The symposium examined the consequences of poor management on calf health and performance at the ranch, and calf health and performance after weaning, as well as the economic effect at each level.

  • David Smith, Mississippi State University, spoke regarding preweaning calf health and performance and ways management can influence those.
  • John M. Riley, Oklahoma State University, spoke on the economic effect of poor management decisions.
  • Dan Thomson, Kansas State University, spoke regarding post-weaning consequences of poor management.

There was a lot of good discussion and input, but that left little time for a business meeting.

We hope to achieve the following in the coming months:

  • Firm establishment of the Southern Name,
  • Firm establishment of what direction we need to go in the future (either business meetings or symposia), and
  • The $2,000 in sponsorship required by the symposia to cover room use and technical use.
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