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Published on Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Update from the Business Office

Brittany Morstatter, FASS Executive Assistant & Event Coordinator

ARPAS is now on social media – “Like” and “Follow” ARPAS on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. If you are interested in providing social media content relevant to ARPAS, please contact

FASS transitioned to a new membership database in August. The new system requires the yearly CEUs requirement to be fulfilled before the next year’s dues can be billed. This new procedure has caused some delays around the new year, so thank you all for your patience as the business office works through the backlog of member communications and requests.

As it is the first renewal season with the new CEU and billing procedures, future years will be much easier for renewals. Additionally, monthly “CEU” balance notices are being scheduled to be distributed by email, so members have a regular reminder to submit CEUs throughout the year. In those emails, you will also see upcoming CEU opportunities, new Webinars, and any additional information ARPAS governance would like to include on occasion.

Membership demographics are now being collected through online and paper renewals and with the new online ARPAS application. That data will be presented at the annual meeting in West Palm Beach, FL.

The ARPAS Governing Council has approved the examination process to transition to electronic exams. This initiative will start this spring, allowing us to test the processes before the large summer meetings. Moving to an electronic exam process will benefit applicants, as they will receive exam results immediately and the processing time for new members will be streamlined.

Going forward, the ARPAS newsletter will distributed 3 times per year: twice after each of the Governing Council meetings annually and one additional time in between. The reports from those meetings will be used for the newsletter content, to provide members insight into the major ARPAS happenings.

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