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ARPAS Spring 2023 Newsletter

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Published on Wednesday, May 11, 2022

ARPAS Treasurer’s Report

John Bernard, PhD, PAS, Dpl. ACAS

For the long-term viability of ARPAS, it is essential to recruit new members and maintain current members. The recently approved highly qualified individual route of membership for those who have been reluctant to take the test as part of the membership application is a positive action that should help increase membership. Hopefully, returning to in-person meetings will allow greater promotion of ARPAS and testing. Increases in sponsorship since 2019 have helped, but maintaining current sponsorship and attracting new sponsorship is important for the future of ARPAS. The AAS journal continues to provide vital information to the membership. With increasing numbers of papers published as Open Access, it is important to consider the effect of reduced revenue from page charges while continuing to pay $50,000 for membership subscription. Currently, ARPAS only receives a 25% royalty on Open Access manuscripts. Many journals are moving to 100% Open Access, so it is time to discuss re-evaluating our model for the journal once again.

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