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Published on Monday, August 1, 2016

The Professional Animal Scientist Update

Wayne Kellogg, Editor-in-Chief

The current status of The Professional Animal Scientist (PAS) is quite positive. The four issues published in 2016 by Elsevier total 530 pages. This compares with only 393 in 2015 and 475 in 2014. Additionally, the October issue should have 175 pages. So, we will complete Volume 32 and exceed our contracted goal of 720 pages.

The first 2 issues of PAS in 2016 contained 8 review articles from symposia on Design, Analysis, and Execution of Quality Grazing Research (Southern Section of ASAS) and Reproductive Efficiency of Beef Cows (ARPAS). 

The PAS journal received more than 14,000 individual full-text article downloads throughout January to mid-May.

The work of Stacey Gunter and Andy Cole as Associate Editors has been extremely valuable. Additionally, we really appreciate the dedicated expert reviewers and Christine Horger, Technical Editor at FASS.
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