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Published on Monday, December 1, 2014

Dues and CEUs Reminder for 2015

Kenneth Cummings, PAS, Dipl. ACAN, Exec. VP, ARPAS

It’s that time of year again, and I would be remiss in my role with ARPAS if I did not remind you to pay your dues and report your CEUs.
Perhaps you have already responded to our annual request for payment of your ARPAS dues. Thank you for continuing monetary support of national ARPAS and your local chapter as well. 

If you have misplaced the dues notice or just forgot to respond, you are not delinquent until January 1. Please use our website ( or contact Jeremy Holzner if you need assistance or have forgotten your membership number.

In past years we have included a reminder in this newsletter. Yet over 10% of our membership fails to respond by mid-January. Please save Holzner and others who monitor membership status from having to send out additional reminders by responding today. Reinstatement of lapsed membership is possible but is an unnecessary expense of time and your money.

At the same time you pay your dues, you should update your CEUs. You alone are responsible for reporting your participation in meetings approved for ARPAS credit. We do not know which meetings you attend. All we can do is to encourage the various meeting organizers to request evaluation of their meeting content for ARPAS CEUs well in advance of the meeting and to inform you of the ARPAS credit allowed. Reporting of CEUs can be done on the ARPAS website or by sending Holzner an e-mail. You can also determine your CEU status on the website, but you will need to use your membership number.

We have approved a number of webinars for ARPAS CEUs, so if travel is restricted, you still have a way to keep current. Available meetings are posted on our website. If you attend a meeting that has not been preapproved, please send me or Holzner the program, and it will be evaluated for credit.

The strength of this organization is created by members who are willing to step up to a leadership position. If you have an interest in being on the governing council, serving on one of our many committees, or becoming active in your local chapter, please contact me or a governing-council member. We are happy to share the load and anxious to put you to work.
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