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Published on Monday, December 1, 2014

Midwest Chapter Report

Brainstorming and Strategic Planning
This has continued through this fall and is nearing completion. More details will be available in the upcoming months. If you have any ideas you would like to share with the board of directors, please contact one of us:

Joanne Knapp, president,
Dwight Roseler, past president,
Ken Zanzalari, secretary-treasurer,
James Coomer, director,
Amber Moffett, director,
Dale Hill, director,
Phil Kreuger, director,
Chad Risley, director,
Randy Walker, director,

Minnesota Nutrition Conference
The Midwest Chapter sponsored Jim Linn’s presentation “75 Years of Nutrition Research” with the financial support of DPI Global and Zinpro Corporation. Thank them for their assistance. Also, Randy Walker gave a short presentation on “What is ARPAS?” and fielded inquiries regarding ARPAS membership. Thanks Randy!

Officer Elections for 2014-2015
The slate has been finalized, and the electronic ballot will be sent out shortly. Here’s the slate of candidates:

Amber Moffett
Randy Walker

Director, Nonruminant and Companion Animals (two positions)
Bruce Arentson
Kenneth Ferrell
Chris Hostetler
Wendy Plocher
Judy Reynolds

Director, Ruminants (one position)
Rick Bonander
Don Martell
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