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Published on Friday, August 1, 2014

Professional Animal Scientist Update

The Professional Animal Scientist has included some excellent review articles in recent issues. During 2013 and 2014 the following topics were reviewed:

• The welfare of gestating sows kept in different housing systems
• Milk-replacer programs and effects on eventual performance of Holsteins
• Colostrum supplements and replacers for calves
• Life-cycle, total-industry genetic improvement of feed efficiency in beef cattle
• The rumen microbiome: Composition, abundance, diversity, and new investigative tools
• Adoption of mastitis-control technologies 
• Applied nutrition of ruminants—Current status and future directions
• Fermentation and digestive physiology
• Carbohydrate and fat considerations
• Applied protein nutrition of ruminants
• Mineral and vitamin nutrition in ruminants
• Nutrient needs of goats while grazing
• System application of sexed semen in beef cattle

I encourage you to call these review articles to the attention of colleagues. These and other articles can be accessed at and provide members with excellent updates on various topics. 

Many members do not subscribe to a paper copy of the Journal, so the e-mail notices that a new issue is available on-line are important. If for any reason you are not receiving an e-mail notice when each issue is available, please contact Mr. Holzner at the FASS Headquarters.
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