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Thursday, December 20, 2018

President's Letter

N. Andy Cole, PhD, PAS, Diplomate ACAN

We are almost halfway through the ARPAS officer year.

We are sad to say that Cornicha Henderson, who has been the ARPAS representative at FASS for the past two years, has resigned and moved to another position. We thank Cornicha for her service and wish her the best in the future. Until Cornicha’s position is filled, Cara Tharp is giving us excellent help. 

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Dues for 2019 and CEUs earned in 2018

Kenneth Cummings, PAS, Dipl. ACAN, Executive Vice President, ARPAS

Perhaps you have already responded to our annual request for payment of your ARPAS dues. If so, thank you for continuing monetary support of national ARPAS and your local chapter as well.

If you have misplaced the dues notice or just forgot to respond, you are not delinquent until after January 1. Please use our website or contact Cara Tharp if you need assistance or have forgotten your membership number.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

ACAS Board Certification Update

Patrick French, PhD, PAS, Dipl. ACAS, ACAS President

The holiday season is upon us and 2019 is rapidly approaching. This time of year is always a time of good cheer that rejuvenates and prepares us for the year to come. I wish all of you a wonderful holiday season.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

ARPAS Journal 2019: Applied Animal Science

Dave Beede, PhD, Editor-in-Chief, AAS, and PAS and Diplomate ACAN

Four items for your immediate attention below

Unless you have been living under a rock during the last few months, you know that the name of the ARPAS journal will change in 2019 to Applied Animal Science (AAS). To continue sequential numbering of ARPAS’s journal, the volume will be 35. The title changed slightly from that announced in August, dropping the words “journal of,” to accommodate the use of a unique title and the International Standard Serial Number to distinguish it from another journal with that title.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Nominations for 2019 Distinguished Professional Animal Scientist

The ARPAS Distinguished Professional Animal Scientist award is bestowed annually on one or more emeritus members of ARPAS who have made significant contributions to the animal sciences during their active career and also served in a leadership position with ARPAS.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Update from the Midwest ARPAS Chapter

What’s NEW and EXCITING with the Midwest ARPAS Chapter in 2018-2019:

  • Midwest ARPAS leadership has designed a university student competition for graduate and undergraduate students that attend the Tri State Dairy Nutrition Conference in Fort Wayne, Indiana, each year. The university with the most students taking the ARPAS exam is awarded a rotating trophy (the trophy is a stainless milk can).
  • Midwest ARPAS is expanding its reach by having a booth presence at the Beef Improvement Conference for the first time in 2018. Check out our Midwest ARPAS Schedule for 2019! (see below)
  • Midwest ARPAS hosted many people taking the ARPAS exam in 2018: seven at Midwest animal science meetings, 19 at the Tri-State Dairy Conference, four at the Beef Improvement Conference, and three at the Professional Development Conference for Entrepreneurs/Minnesota Nutrition Conference, for a total of 33!

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Update from the Northeast Chapter

The Northeast Chapter had 65 attendees at our annual meeting held in conjunction with the Penn State Dairy Cattle Nutrition Workshop. Our guest speaker, Duarte Diaz from the University of Arizona, discussed low lignin alfalfa and its applications in dairy rations. The Northeast Chapter also conducted its annual business meeting and election of officers.

Tom Hickley, PAS
Northeast Director ARPAS

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Update from the Pacific Northwest Chapter

January, 2019

The Pacific Northwest (PNW) Chapter of ARPAS has returned to being an active group. Our chapter met in January 2018 at the Pacific NW Animal Nutrition Conference in Boise, Idaho. A group of ARPAS members with past PNW Chapter association led a discussion with conference attendees about ARPAS and reactivating the PNW Chapter. The people were in favor of moving forward with making the chapter vibrant again. We voted in board members and officers including past president: Joe Harrison, Washington State University; president: Bill Sanchez, Diamond V; president elect: Shelby Filley, Oregon State University; secretary/treasurer, Pedram Rezamand, University of Idaho; director at large (industry): Steve Jones, Northwest Research and Nutrition, LLC; director at large (university): Anne Laarman, University of Idaho; and director at large (industry): Dave Ellis, Balchem.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Update from the South Central ARPAS Chapter

Fall 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to the inaugural newsletter of the “new” South Central ARPAS. The chapter was formed in 2014, and the current roster of officers is as follows:

President—Daniel Rivera, Mississippi State University
President Elect—Brandi Karisch, Mississippi State University
Past-President—Shane Gadberry, University of Arkansas
Secretary–Treasurer—Buck Pendergraft, Purina Land O’Lakes

We are excited to announce changes to our chapter, which we feel will make a stronger chapter and offer opportunities to grow and showcase what ARPAS is all about.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Update from the Washington DC Chapter

Bill Price, PAS, President Elect

The Washington DC area chapter has been very active this fall. We have had four monthly meeting with four impressive speakers. The meeting speakers were as follows: