Annual Registry Sponsorship

Say YES to this opportunity to become an ARPAS Sponsor

ARPAS is increasingly being recognized as the standard of excellence for reliable information and high ethical standards for those working with animal agriculture.

Support ARPAS and our mission of certification and licensing of professional animal scientists to serve and protect the public and modern agriculture. ARPAS sponsorship identifies corporations and organizations that are committed to high professional and ethical standards through financial support of ARPAS.

The annual $1,000 sponsorship contribution to ARPAS is used to support the Applied Animal Science (AAS) journal, primarily funding invited reviews, which are often the most read and widely used articles by ARPAS members, and for promoting other professional and educational pursuits of the Registry.

Sponsorship Advantage
Sponsoring companies will receive benefits for the period of one year.

Recognition and visibility on the ARPAS website

  • Sponsors’ company logos and links listed on the ARPAS home web page and sponsorship page(s)
  • Articles in the ARPAS Newsletter, listing sponsorship companies, with links

Listing in ARPAS Exhibit

  • Signage displaying lists of sponsors at ARPAS exhibit booth at conventions, conferences, and major meetings

Complimentary Annual Membership

  • One complimentary annual membership, awarded to an employee of the company who maintains an active ARPAS membership in good standing. *All requirements to maintain annual Registry membership must still be fulfilled.

Annual Registry Sponsors