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Published on Sunday, July 12, 2020

ARPAS Announcements

Business Meeting
ARPAS Election Results
ARPAS Annual Membership Dues Adjustment Beginning in 2021
ARPAS Symposium Postponed
ARPAS Now on Social Media

The ARPAS 2020 Annual Business Meeting will be held virtually, via Zoom, on Thursday, July 30, 2020. The ARPAS Business Meeting is open to all ARPAS members. The annual business meeting provides an overview of ARPAS governance activities for the prior year, and the installation of the 2020–2021 officers will occur. Relevant reports for the 2020 Annual Business Meeting are provided in this 2020 Summer Newsletter. The Zoom information will be sent via email to ARPAS membership before the meeting.

2020 ARPAS Election Results

The 2020 ARPAS elections were held in April 2020.

Paul Beck was elected to the office of ARPAS President Elect.
Mike Brown was elected to the office of ARPAS Secretary.
Shelby Filley was elected to the office of ARPAS Western Director.

ARPAS congratulates Beck, Brown, and Filley, and thanks all of the candidates for their willingness to volunteer their time and expertise to the registry. ARPAS also thanks the members who made their voices heard by voting in the election.

ARPAS Annual Membership Dues Adjustment Beginning in 2021

At the ARPAS 2020 Governing Council Annual Meeting, held June 29, 2020, via Zoom, ARPAS Governing Council members unanimously voted to increase membership dues, starting in 2021.

Starting January 1, 2021, annual membership rates change to those listed below:



Board Certified (ACAS)



$62.50 (½ of PAS/RAS/RAPS member dues)

Lifetime Emeritus

$375.00 (1-time fee of 3 x PAS/RAS/RAPS member dues)



This is the first dues increase that has been considered and approved since 2014, when annual member dues were raised by $10. ARPAS recognizes that an increase is long overdue and also continues to work diligently to decrease operating costs and price membership dues at the most reasonable amount possible, while still ensuring that ARPAS stays in good health.

As ARPAS continues to grow as an organization, increasing dues will strengthen the registry’s overall fiscal health, enhance member services such as ongoing and new virtual enterprises, pursue campaigns to start ARPAS student divisions and activities, continue to further the ARPAS journal initiatives, and much more.

Your membership is critical in keeping the registry financially sustainable, strong, credible, relevant, and influential. Thank you for your continued support. ARPAS is the recognized source of CERTIFIED Professional Animal Science experts.



Section 1. Registration Fee.
Fees for the initial registration and annual renewals of registration shall be set by the Governing Council. Membership fees for new members will be prorated based on the month in which the prospective member receives their exam results. Those receiving results in January will pay a full year’s dues (which includes the exam fee). Dues for those receiving results after January will be reduced by 1/12th per month of the dues portion only.

Section 2. Board Certification Fee.
The fee for Board Certification in a discipline and annual renewals of Board Certification shall be set by the Governing Council. Fees shall be assessed for each discipline in which the applicant receives Board Certification.

Section 3. Annual Fees.
Annual fees for renewal of registration and Board Certification are due on January 1 in the year in which they apply. After that, they become delinquent. Failure to submit the annual fee by June 30th of that year will result in the membership being revoked.

Section 4. Assessments.
Assessments may be levied against all members of the Registry, upon approval of a majority of the Registry membership by mail ballot or electronic ballot.

Section 5. Emeritus Fees.
The annual fees for Emeritus members shall be one-half of the annual registration fee charged for Full Members. Members qualifying for this status may choose to pay the fee on an annual basis or become an Emeritus Lifetime member by paying a one-time fee of three times the annual registration fee at time of application for that status. The one-time lifetime membership fee must be paid in one payment and previous annual fees will not be credited against this assessment.


ARPAS is now offering online exam sessions proctored remotely with Zoom. For more details, see the relevant article in this newsletter. For more information, please visit

ARPAS members are encouraged to promote these online exam sessions among colleagues and students!

ARPAS Symposium—Postponed to Fall 2020
Daryl Kleinschmit, PhD, PAS, Dipl. ACAS Nutrition

ARPAS Symposium Title: New Advances in Dairy Efficiency

Date: To be held at a later date in the fall (TBD) due to COVID-19. Timing and agenda may change due to the virtual setup.

Time (minutes)




ARPAS 35 Year Anniversary Acknowledgment

Al Kertz, president


Welcome (acknowledge sponsors, agenda, thank speakers)

Daryl Kleinschmit, president elect


Advances in Rumen Efficiency

Jeff Firkins


Advances in Efficiency in Growing Dairy Replacements

Alex Bach


Advances in Production Efficiency in Adult Dairy Cattle

Mike Vandehaar



Daryl Kleinschmit

A Roundtable Discussion and Q&A Session of the ARPAS Symposium was held June 24, 2020, 3:00–4:00 CDT as part of the American Dairy Science Association (ADSA®) 2020 Virtual Program.

Daryl Kleinschmit, moderator
Al Kertz
Mike Brouk
Mike Vandehaar
Alex Bach
Jeff Firkins

2020 Distinguished Professional Animal Scientist Award

The 2020 Distinguished Professional Animal Scientist Award recipient is Richard Sellers. In addition to more than 30 years of renowned service to the feed industry, Sellers has served the ARPAS Washington DC Chapter in the roles of director-at-large, president-elect, president, and past president. For the 2019–2020 year, he is serving as the president-elect of the local chapter for the second time. During his career, Sellers has received numerous awards, honors, and recognitions, and in 2018, Sellers was the recipient of the Dr. Vernon G. Pursel Memorial Distinguished Service Award from the Washington DC Area Chapter of ARPAS.

Sellers will be presented the 2020 Distinguished Professional Animal Scientist Award during the upcoming 2020 ARPAS Business Meeting.

Congratulations, and thank you, Richard Sellers, for your outstanding service to ARPAS.

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